Volume : V, Issue : IX, September - 2015


Vaishali Bapat, Sufala Vishwasrao

Abstract :

Spinal anaesthesia can be given by midline or paramedian approach. It can be difficult by the midline approach in elderly patients due to calcified ligaments. An observational study was conducted to find out the efficacy, success rate, advantages and complication of midline and paramedian technique for spinal anesthesia in elderly patients. The study included 100 patients of either sex, aged 60 years and above, who received spinal anaesthesia either with the midline approach (group M, n=50) or paramedian approach (group P, n=50). The success rate of both the groups was 100%, while the first attempt success rate was 92% in group P and 68% in group M. Paraesthesia was felt in 4 patients (8%) in midline group and in 2 (4%) in paramedian group. Hemorrhagic tap was seen in 2 patients in group P as against one in midline group. None of the patients had postdural puncture headache (PDPH). Thus we conclude that paramedian approach is a better approach for spinal anesthesia in elderly patients and should be routinely used as first choice.

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Vaishali Bapat, Sufala Vishwasrao Spinal Anaesthesia with Midline and Paramedian Technique in Elderly Patients Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 9 September 2015

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