Volume : IV, Issue : III, March - 2015

A Fuzzy Approach to Find the Shortest Path Using Pascals Triangle Graded Mean

Dr. A. Praveen Prakash, M. Geethalakshmi

Abstract :

This paper deals with an investigation of finding the Fuzzy Shortest Path in the Network using Pascal’s Triangle Graded Mean Integration Representation. Here the trapezoidal fuzzy numbers are taken as edge weights and the optimum shortest path was found by compå the fuzzy distance among all adjacent nodes using fuzzy order relation. Finally we arrive at the smallest fuzzy distance which gives the fuzzy shortest path for the given network by giving suitable numerical example.

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Dr.A.Praveen Prakash, M.GeethaLakshmi A Fuzzy Approach to Find the Shortest Path Using Pascal�s Triangle Graded Mean International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol : 4, Issue : 3 March 2015

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