Volume : III, Issue : VII, July - 2014

A Self Defense Wearable–Anti–Molestation Jacket

Dr. Prof Noopur Anand, Nishant Priya, Shahzad Ahmad

Abstract :

Violence against women is a serious problem plaguing the world. This research and consequent product development (Anti molestation jacket) was an endeavor to develop an effective self-defense gadget which would provide protection to women in case of any assault or unsolicited contact. This jacket uses electric shock as a deterring agent, which immobilizes the assailer for a few moments and thus giving the victim time to escape and/or make a rescue call. The shock pulse or the jolt would surprise the assaulter and deter him from approaching further. This jacket is designed in a way that both the aesthetics and the desired functionality are harmonized. Anti molestation jacket is effective, comfortable, unobtrusive, deceptive and an economical self defense gadget for women.

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Article: Download PDF   DOI : 10.36106/ijsr  

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Dr. (Prof) Noopur Anand, Nishant Priya, Shahzad Ahmad A Self Defense Wearable - Anti - Molestation Jacket International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol : 3, Issue : 7 July 2014

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