Volume : I, Issue : I, June - 2012

A Study Of Food Security In South Asia

Dr. Pawar, Ashok S. , Dr. Rathod Sunita J.

Abstract :

Food security is defined as economic access to food along with food production and food availability agriculture in the SAR (South Asian Region) is caught in a low equiliium trap with low productivity of staples, supply Shortfalls, high prices, low returns to famers and area diversification all these factors can be a threat to food security South Asia still has the highest number of people (423 millions) living on less than one dollar a day. The region has the highest concentration of undernourished (299 million) and poor people with about 40 per cent of the world\'s hungry, it aims to identify issues relating to food security, the policy initiatives taken to tackle these issues evaluate these policies and suggest measures to overcome identified constraint in order to improve the food security situation in the South Asia.

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Dr. Pawar, Ashok S., Dr. Rathod Sunita J. A Study Of Food Security In South Asia International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.I, Issue.I June 2012

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