Volume : III, Issue : X, October - 2014

A Study of Phenylthiocarbamide Polymorphism Among Basrah Population/ Iraq

Asaad Y. Ayied, Faizah A. W. Ahmed, Hasna A. Mohaus

Abstract :

The present study deals with the distribution of PTC tasting ability as a marker to study the genetic structure of Basrah population; as no detailed information is available. To investigate the prevalence and gene frequencies of PTC taste sensitivity among male and females in this region and its correlation with body weight, height and BMI. Individuals’ body weight, height and BMI were also calculated. Genetic and phenotypic analysis was done on collected data. Frequency of taster among female, male and overall were 64.96, 62.90 and 64.32% respectively. Males revealed significant differences between observed and expected values. However, females were under HWE. Observed and expected heterozygosity was 41.20% and 48.74% respectively. Correspondence values for male and female were 31.12% and 66.46% respectively. Genetic eeding coefficient (Fis) was high (around 16%) indicate that there are sort of relative marriages. It was very high (48.8%) for male and was very low (0.7%) for female. However, allele frequency–based correlation between male and female (Fst) was very low (0.0003). With regarding PTC as quantitative traits genetic portion was more than 70% (heritability=0.739) the rest (less than 30%) was environmental factor. PTC scored show positive genetic and additive value (eeding value) with low dominant effect as dominant deviation of Tt genotype was 0.18. BMI showed negatively significant phenotypic correlation (–0.40) with PTC threshold. There is negative and significant regression between BMI and genotype (–2.2671 kg/m3 per 1 unit increase of PTC). PTC genotype determined around 14.8% of body weight variation, whereas, it determined 87.6% of PTC threshold. The genotypes TT and Tt showed lower (P

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Asaad Y. Ayied, Faizah A. W. Ahmed, Hasna A. Mohaus A Study of Phenylthiocarbamide Polymorphism Among Basrah Population/Iraq International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol : 3, Issue : 10 October 2014

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