Volume : IV, Issue : V, May - 2015

Impact of Visual Merchandising on Consumer Buying Behavior: A Study on Retail Outlets

Dr. Rahela Tabassum, Mr. Ishaq Khan

Abstract :

 Retail in India has a very good growth potential, but the bottleneck here is to differentiate one retail business  from the other through customerís perception. In order to grab the attention of the customerís buying decision retail  businesses must focus on visual merchandising. As there are various players in the retail business and more or less every player in the retail  industry offers the same thing, thus every retail business needs to be distinguishable from its industry competitors. A successful retailing business needs a good image to be created in the minds of the customers. In order to enable and image of a retail business to be absorbed by the  customers mind, can be achieved through product and service offerings. The means of increasing the footfalls and sales of a retail store, they  need to concentrate on visual merchandising of products and service offerings. Visual Merchandising is new business etiquette which is growing popular nowadays. Visual Merchandising in simple terms can be  expressed as the presentation of any and all merchandises at its best using color synchronization, light coordination, accessorized displays  and self–explanatory props. While setting up a retail store in a consumer market, visual merchandising plays a vital, attractive and appealing  role. Visual Merchandising is not just about presenting the merchandise in an attractive manner to give a visual appeal to customers but it  also encourages impulse buying by the customers. The application of Visual Merchandising Techniques is used by retailers to convert ordinary visitors into potential customers. Visual Merchandising is an important strategy formulating effective marketing decision to increase  the sales of the retail stores. Customer satisfaction is greatly influenced by store environment, shopping comfort and merchandise assortment.  Various element of Visual Merchandising helps in achieving customer satisfaction and its impact on customer buying decisions. The business  outcomes transfigured from the assessments include customer satisfaction, repurchase intention, cross purchase tendency, store loyalty and  recommendation of the retail store to others. This study will help retail store managers and supervisors to improvise on the weak dimension of their particular store and simultaneously  drive the store towards increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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Dr. Rahela Tabassum, Mr. Ishaq Khan Impact of Visual Merchandising on Consumer Buying Behavior: A Study on Retail Outlets International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol : 4, Issue : 5 May 2015

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