Volume : III, Issue : I, January - 2014

Incidental & Interesting Histopathological Findings in Medicolegal Autopsies

Dr. Ankur N. Sarvaiya, Dr. Sahil I. Panjvani, Dr. N. R. Shah, Dr. C. K. Shah

Abstract :

Introduction: An autopsy consists of a thorough examination of a corpse to determine the cause and manner of death and to evaluate any disease or injury. Aims: To determine the histopathological findings related or unrelated to the cause of death and to highlight various incidental and interesting microscopic findings in autopsies. Methods and Material: Retrospective study for one year was carried out. Organs of total of 227 autopsies were received. Various histopathological findings were observed in 146 cases. Results: Out of the various organ received for histopathological examination, 83 Atherosclerosis, 32 Pneumonia, 8 Cirrhosis, 8 Tuberculosis, 2 fungal infections, glioblastoma multiforme etc. were observed . Conclusions: Atherosclerosis is commonest finding followed by pneumonia. Incidental histopathologic findings may not be found to influence the cause of death but nonetheless reveal many interesting facts related to epidemiology and influence of gender and age related factors in causation of certain pathological changes.

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Dr. Ankur N. Sarvaiya, Dr.Sahil I. Panjvani, Dr.N.R.Shah, Dr. C.K.Shah Incidental & Interesting Histopathological Findings in Medicolegal Autopsies International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.III, Issue.I January 2014

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