Volume : IV, Issue : V, May - 2015

Role of Blood Transfusion in Obstetrics

Dr. Janki M. Pandya, Dr. Munjal Pandya, Dr. Megha Patel

Abstract :

 A prospective observational study of transfusion practices in pregnant and delivered women was conducted in  our hospital in Ahmedabad city from October 2008 to July 2010. Nearly 1000 cases were studied. Selection Criteria  included all emergency and registered antenatal and delivered patients. Among those 100 cases required Blood Transfusion. The Patients  requiring Blood Transfusion throughout the study period 69% were Emergency cases and 31% were registered cases. Incidence of Blood Transfusion was higher (86 %), in patients who took less than 3 antenatal visits. There are two main causes of maternal morbidity and mortality:  (1) Chronic anemia of pregnancy, (2) Major obstetric hemorrhage. In this study, 68 % patients required blood because of obstetric hemorrhage  and 32% patients required blood because of anemia of pregnancy. Post Partum Hemorrhage was the most common cause for patients requiring Blood Transfusion. Maternal Mortality occurred in 4 patients out of 100 patients. In three of them, cause of death was directly related to  postpartum hemorrhage. The Predisposing factors in the transfused patients were PIH (23 %), Medical Conditions (26 %), Previous Scar on  Uterus (15 %), first trimester Hemorrhage( 10% ), Auptio Placenta (14 %), Placenta Previa (6 %), Multiple Pregnancy ( 3 % ). More active  participation in terms of antenatal check–ups and skilled management of patients at the first referral units is advocated, there should be local  protocols for management of massive hemorrhage in obstetrics. All major hemorrhages should be reviewed to ensure that the communication  chain worked and that there was no delay in provision of blood products.

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