Volume : I, Issue : I, June - 2012

Study on Texture Descriptors in Super Resolution

Kiran . P. Patel

Abstract :

 The local geometry of an image is conveyed by image features such as edges, corners and curves. In this paper, I present study & overview of state–of–the–art  Texture Descriptors , namely local binary pattern, uniform   local binary pattern, local ternary pattern & noise tolerant local ternary  pattern  operator. We can  encode these features with these operators .A new learning based technique to super–resolve a low resolution image using these Operators and a database of low resolution (LR) images and corresponding high resolution (HR) versions. The missing high resolution features of the low resolution observation are learnt in the form of discrete cosine transform coefficients from high resolution images in the training database.


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Kiran .P.Patel, Study on Texture Descriptors in Super Resolution, International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.I, Issue.I June 2012

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