Volume : V, Issue : VII, July - 2016

The Evaluation of Accidental Chest Radiographic Findings in Adult Patients with Respiratory Complaints.

Sanjay Bansal , V K Tiwari , Nishant Gupta

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 Aims and Objectives: Chest X ray is nowadays being considered as the basic initial modality for diagnosing the various chest modalities. Chest X Ray sometimes produce unexpected or incidental findings with consequences for patients and ordering of future investigations. Chest radiography in patients with respiratory symptoms is among the most common reasons for imaging in tertiary health care, but data on associated incidental findings are generally lacking. In the study we describe the type and prevalence of incidental chest radiography findings in tertiary health care patients with cardinal respiratory complaints mainly cough with expectoration, chest pain, eathlessness , haemoptysis. METHODS: A cross–sectional study was conducted in Department of Pulmonary Medicine , Rohilkhand Medical College and Hospital , Bareilly, a tertiary health care centre on 3,105 patients that presented with respiratory symptoms, all of whom had chest radiography as part of a research study workup. Apart from assessment for specified signs of pneumonia and acute onchitis, we evaluated any additional finding on the radiographs. For the 2,823 participants with good–quality chest radiographs, these findings were categorized according to clinical relevance based on previous research evidence and analyzed for type and prevalence by network, sex, age, and smoking status. RESULTS: Incidental findings(613) were reported in 19%(524) of all participants, and ranged from 0% to 25% . Of all participants 3% had clinically relevant incidental findings. Suspected nodules and shadows were reported in 1.8%. Incidental findings were more common is older participants and smokers (P <.001). CONCLUSIONS Clinically relevant incidental findings on chest radiographs in tertiary care care adult patients with respiratory symptoms are uncommon, and prevalence varies by setting

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Sanjay Bansal , V K Tiwari , Nishant Gupta The Evaluation of Accidental Chest Radiographic Findings in Adult Patients with Respiratory Complaints. International Journal of Scientific Research,Volume : 5 | Issue : 7|July 2016

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