Volume : VI, Issue : IV, April - 2017

Oral Cystecercosis: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Dr. Cheena Singh, Dr. Kamal Sagar, Dr. Kamal Aggarwal

Abstract :

 Oral cystercercosis is rare parasitic infectious disease caused by lava of pork tapeworm i.e. taenia solium . But now a days the incidence of this parasitic infection is increasing day by day due to altered eating habits. Oral cavity is nidus of many  pathologies. Some may arise due to altered eating habits such as meat, uncooked food etc. the parasitic infections arising from ingesting uncooked pork (larva of pork tapeworm) called as cystecerosis.  Although, this infection rarely involve orofacial region and being undiagnosed lead to “diagnostic dilemma”.

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Dr. Cheena Singh, Dr. Kamal Sagar, Dr. Kamal Aggarwal, Oral Cystecercosis: A Diagnostic Dilemma, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH : VOLUME-6 | ISSUE-4 | APRIL‾2017

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