Volume : VII, Issue : VII, July - 2018

Clinical Profile of Ascending Aortic aneurysm: a Retrospective observational study

Dr Kamlesh Jain, Dr Prashant Lakhichand Patil

Abstract :

Background: Ascending aortic aneurysm is common incidental finding on transthoracic echocardiography performed for unrelated indications. Usually seen in patients with underlying connective tissue disorders.

Methods: This was retrospective observational study involving ascending aortic aneurysm patients requiring surgical intervention during the period of Jan 2015 to Jan 2018

Results: Total 30 patients of ascending aortic aneurysm requiring surgical intervention were studied. Males outnumbered females with ratio of 5:1. Their age ranges from 14–72 years (mean=43.6years). Most of the patients of ascending aortic aneurysm also present with aortic regurgitation,43%. Hypertension being the most commonly associated co–morbidity. Bentall’s procedure, 67%, is most commonly needed surgical intervention. Bleeding, 16.67%, is the most common and independent risk factor for mortality with percentage of 26.67%

Conclusion: Bleeding is independent risk factor in ascending aortic surgery and careful application of hemostasis skills can ing down mortality associated with ascending aortic surgery.

Article: Download PDF Journal DOI : 10.15373/22778179

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DR KAMLESH JAIN, DR PRASHANT LAKHICHAND PATIL, Clinical Profile of Ascending Aortic aneurysm: a Retrospective observational study, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-7 | July-2018

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