Volume : VII, Issue : VII, July - 2018

Study of ectopic pregnancy at tertiary care center

Dr Vinutha R Hanji, Dr Jyoti Vikas Rokade

Abstract :

 Ectopic Pregnancy is the one in which the blastocyst implants anywhere other than the endometrial lining of the uterine cavity.Ectopic pregnancy

has always challenged ingenuity of the obstetrician and Gynecologist by its bizarre clinical picture. If it is not attended in time, it may lead to
maternal morbidity and mortality. Hence to diagnose ectopic, one has to be ectopic minded. Increased awareness of ectopic pregnancy and
knowledge of the associated risk factors helps identify women at higher risk in order to facilitate early and more accurate diagnosis. This is a
retrospective study, in which parameters like age, parity, presenting symptoms, examination findings, predisposing factors and management of
case are noted, to know the common mode of clinical presentation and treatment modalities.We conclude that whenever a patient in a reproductive
age group has any of the symptoms like abnormal vaginal bleeding, pain abdomen, giddiness, we need to be ‘ectopic minded‘. Risk factors need to
be considered.And last but not the least, it is the quickest surgery to be done, be it open or scopy, catch the bleeding site and excise.

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