IJSR International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8179 Indian Society for Health and Advanced Research ijsr-6-2-10064 Original Research Paper AN ANATOMICAL STUDY ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF ANEURYSMS INVOLVING THE ANTERIOR COMMUNICATING ARTERY AND THE PRECOMMUNICATING SEGMENT OF ANTERIOR CEREBRAL ARTERY IN THE POPULATION OF ASSAM A. Karim Dr. February 2017 6 2 01 02 ABSTRACT

 In a post–mortem, dissection study of 109 brains belonging to the population of Assam which includes 19 brains belonging to the Tribal population(T)  and the rest 90 brains belonging to the Non–tribal population (NT) ; the Anterior Communicating Artery(ACoA) and ACoA–A1(pre–communicating segment of Anterior Cerebral Artery) junction were examined for the presence and distribution of aneurysms  .Photographic records of aneurysms were kept and relevant data were statistically analysed  using SPSS(version 16). Saccular aneurysms involving ACoA and ACoA–A1 junction were present in 12.8% of the brains.Statistically significant difference (P=0.000) of aneurysms involving the left A1–ACoA junction were present between Tribal and Non–Tribal populations of Assam. Multiple aneurysms in the ACoA and A1–ACoA junction were present in 6.4% of the population. A study of this nature is potentially of value to the Neurosurgeons and Vascular Surgeons practising in this region.