IJSR International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8179 Indian Society for Health and Advanced Research ijsr-6-2-10128 Original Research Paper Role of Basti in Management of Kitibha Kushtha (Psoriasis), A Case Study Gunjan M. Pardhi Dr. February 2017 6 2 01 02 ABSTRACT

                   Kitibha Kushtha (Psoriasis) is among the wide spread chronic, frequently re–occurring diseases of the skin. In the present era Skin diseases are difficult to treat and are of high cosmetic value. In Ayurveda all skin diseases are consider under Kushtha and it is Bahudoshavasthajanya Vyadhi. It has tridosha involvement with Saptadhatu as its Dushya.                  The main sign and sympotoms of Kushtha are Scratching, Rough, Itching, Black discolouration over the skin. It is due to the vitiation of Vata, Kapha doshas  So, repeated Shodhana is needed  to cure these diseases. In our classics Basti is contraindicated in Kushtha due to its effect that after basti disease symptoms increases.                   In Sidhhisthana, one Prasrutic Basti is mentioned for Kushta, So in this article basti in kitibha Kushta case study has been discussed.