IJSR International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8179 Indian Society for Health and Advanced Research ijsr-7-3-14396 Original Research Paper ASSESSMENT OF RENAL DYSFUNCTION IN CHRONIC LIVER DISEASES Prahallad Chandra mishra Dr. Dr Pilla Rakesh Dr. Dr Aswini Kumar Sahoo Dr. March 2018 7 3 01 02 ABSTRACT


Objectives: Renal impairment in Patients with chronic liver disease is a common phenomenon and is a functional impairment. It seems difficult for the assessment of renal function abnormalities by normal parameters. We aimed to determine the usefulness of creatinine clearance by timed urine collection and Cockcroft Gault formula and Serum creatinine as parameters in assessing renal function in this cohort of patients and also to find if etiology of chronic liver disease has a bearing on renal dysfunction. Material and methods: Renal parameters of 200 patients with chronic liver disease were studied to assess the reliability of the each parameter. Results: In the present study, Only 22% of alcoholics have clearance more than 60ml/min. 58% patients were found to have creatinine clearance more than 60ml/min by Cockcroft Gault formula while only 36% Patients have that by timed urine collection where the difference was found to be statistically significant (P value<0.01).  Cockcroft Gault formula overestimates probably due to disparity in weight due to fluid retention. Conclusion: The most reliable Parameter in our clinical setup is Creatinine clearance by timed urine collection. Presence of Ascites, low serum albumin levels and Alcoholic etiology had more predisposition to renal impairment, however, a larger study with more number of patients can throw more light.