IJSR International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8179 Indian Society for Health and Advanced Research ijsr-7-3-14400 Original Research Paper SPECTRUM OF DYSPNEA DURING PREGNANCY A TERTIARY CENTRE BASED STUDY IN NORTH WEST RAASTHAN Khan Sameja Dr. March 2018 7 3 01 02 ABSTRACT


Physiological changes during pregnancy influence maternal respiratory function and gas exchange, and may cause dyspnea in normal pregnancy. On the other hand, dyspnea can be caused by pregnancy complications, cardio vascular amd respiratory disorders.. In this review, the aim was to outline the mechanisms of change within the respiratory system during pregnancy, and thus to enable a differential diagnosis of dyspnea in normal pregnancy as opposed to pathological dyspnea.we found that out of 2400 females attending ANC clinic 70 was having pathological dyspnea among which 6 has involvement of cardio vascular system while remaining 64 was suffering from respiratory system involvement,hence we conclude that , a careful history, chest X–ray, pulmonary function test and arterial gas evaluation are warranted to diagnose pathological dyspnea in pregnancy and hence institution of proper therapy .