IJSR International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8179 Indian Society for Health and Advanced Research ijsr-7-3-14411 Original Research Paper CLINICAL PROFILE OF VERNAL KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS A HOSPITAL BASED STUDY(SUBHIMALAYAN REGION OF NORTH BENGAL, W.B, INDIA) Malabika Debbarma Dr. March 2018 7 3 01 02 ABSTRACT

 Vernal Keratoconjuctivitis(VKC) is a recurrent, allergic seasonal disease of childhood characterized by severe inflammation of the conjunctiva and giant papillae of the superior tarsal conjunctiva, gelatinous hypertrophy of limbus and keratopathy. Clinical and inmuno histochemical studies suggest that IgE dependent and IgE independent mechanisms are involved in the inmuno pathogenesis of VKC. Allergic disease affects 30–50% of the population. Most of the patients are present in the month of May to June. In this study, it has been found that 156(74.29%) patients show seasonal symptoms and 43(20.48%) patients show perennial symptoms out of total 210 patients.

KVC has predilection for young age group and the diagnosis is generally based on signs and symptoms of the disease. This study is undertaken to stress upon the disease and those secondary to its long term medication.