IJSR International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8179 Indian Society for Health and Advanced Research ijsr-7-9-16509 Original Research Paper PREVALENCE OF OCCUPATION RELATED MUSCULOSKELETAL INJURIES IN HOUSEKEEPING PERSONNEL‘S B Dr. September 2018 7 9 01 02 ABSTRACT

Occupation related musculoskeletal injuries are very common in developed as well as developing countries. These Injuries causes loss of working hours,poor quality of life and reduction in productivity. Housekeeping workers do a lot of manual labor which could cause injury to the muscles. Awkward movements, poor posture and improper lifting techniques are the major reasons for the injuries in housekeeping professionals. Cross–sectional survey which involves 103 housekeeping personnel’s in an Institutional campus. Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire was used to collect the data from all the participants and the data were analyzed using the descriptive statistics. The study analysis concludes that Low back pain is the most common pain in these workers followed by the Knee and Hip. The hypothetical reason may be due to long standing hours, twisting activities and repetitive tasks could cause the Low back pain. This study concludes that most of the housekeeping personnel’s were suffering with various musculoskeletal injuries and further this study also analysis the management methods adopted by them.