IJSR International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8179 Indian Society for Health and Advanced Research ijsr-7-9-16529 Original Research Paper Efficacy and Safety of Bilal Ahmad Dr. Sharma Pradeep Kumar Dr. September 2018 7 9 01 02 ABSTRACT


To assess the efficacy and safety of a "mini–perc" technique of percutaneous nephrolithotomy for the removal of pyelocaliceal stones and upper ureteric calculi.

Materials and Methods

Data of 94 patients who underwent mini–perc, were reviewed with relation to clinical presentation, stone characteristics, operative time, need for transfusion, stenting, nephrostomy placement, stone free rate, complications and hospital stay. The effect of stone diameter, stone burden, relation of primary vs secondary tract and placement of dj stent with respect to analgesic requirement and hospital stay were analysed. Also relationship of operative time with stone burden, placement of dj stent and presence of secondary tract were studied.


The immediate and at 1 month stone free rate was 100%, in all stone locations which was not not significantl rate was 80.6,nephrostomy placement, influenced by stone diameter or stone burden. The mean hospital stay after the procedure was 2.09±0.39 days.


In experienced hands miniperc provides a very good option for treatment of renal stones in all locations and upper ureteric calculi with low complication rates.