Volume : IV, Issue : VI, June - 2015

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 Introduction: Fioadenoma is the most common benign neoplasm in women between 15 and 35. Rare cases of invasive or in situ carcinoma arising in fioadenoma have been reported. Case report: A 44 years old lady presentd with a history of gradually enlarging lump in left east since 8 years with recent onset non cyclical mild pain. Fine needle aspiration cytology and mammogram done outside suggested benign lesion. After discussing the possible managment options, we took her for wide local excision and frozen section. Frozen section reported a benign lesion. Patient was discharged on second postoperative day and asked to follow up a week later. Final histopathology came as In situ ductal and lobular carcinoma arising in a fioadenoma. Patient is currently on Raloxifene prophylaxis and follow up with repeated MR mammogram Conclusion: Invasive and in situ carcinoma has been known to arise in fioadenoma. High index of suspicion should be maintained in woman older than 35 presenting with a fioadenoma.

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