Volume : VI, Issue : III, March - 2017

A Review on - "Phenol Reduction by Waste Derived Activated Carbon"

Amit Yadav, Prof. Bina Patel

Abstract :

 Among the various pollutants present in wastewater there is a common pollutant known as “Phenol”. There are various techniques for the reduction of Phenol which are Distillation, Adsorption, Pre Evaporation, Memane Extraction, Oxidation etc. This paper presents review on phenol reduction by adsorption using various waste derived activated carbons. Studies carried out by using various waste derived activated carbon indicates that there is a wide scope for the reduction of phenol from wastewater by waste derived activated carbon. The effectiveness and efficiency of these waste derived activated carbon was observed by Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms equations.

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Amit Yadav, Prof. Bina Patel, A Review on‾"Phenol Reduction by Waste Derived Activated Carbon", PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume : 6 | Issue : 3 | March‾2017

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