Volume : VI, Issue : VI, June - 2017

Abstract :

 Introduction: Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is characterized by emotional, psychological and somatic symptoms, associated with the luteal phase of menstrual cycle. The prevalence and functional impairment is quite high with PMDD.

Aims and objectives :To find prevalence of PMDD among female students of medical graduation, and its association with  anxiety and depression in students with and without PMDD.

Material and methods: The study was conducted among undergraduate (UG) medical students of large medical college.  Students were assessed on their premenstrual symptom severity using the Daily Record of Severity of Problems (DRSP), Hamilton depression rating Scale (HAM–D)for depression and Hamilton anxiety Rating  Scale ( HAM–A) for anxiety .The study population was divided into two groups: with and without PMDD and depression and anxiety was compared in both the  groups . Statistical analysis was done using SPSS10.0 version.

Results:  PMDD was reported in 25% female medical students and Co–morbid depression and anxiety were significantly higher in group with PMDD as compared to those without PMDD.

Conclusion : This study founds a prevalence of PMDD in 25% in medical graduate students and significantly associated depression and anxiety among students with PMDD. 

Keywords :

PMDD    Depression    Anxiety  

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