Volume : IV, Issue : IV, April - 2015

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 The consumer movement in India is as old as trade and commerce. In Kautilya‟s Arthashastra, there are references to the 

concept of consumer protection against exploitation by the trade and industry, short weighment and measures, adulteration 
and punishment for these offences. Awareness of consumer rights varies in different regions in the country. It is very poor 
especially among the population in rural and far–flung areas of the country. Compared to the developed countries, the 
levels of consumer awareness in such a vast country with a large population like India is much lower. The consumer has to 
be aware of his rights and play a key role. The success of consumerism is a strong function of consumer awareness and to 
avoid exploitation consumer must become knowledgeable, In this paper I have discussed about the awareness of consumer 
production act in tamilnadu

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