Volume : IV, Issue : II, February - 2015

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To augment organizational functioning and effectiveness, it is insufficient, if employees perform only those roles and responsibilities specified in the job description. Lord Krishna says, “one should act without being attached to the results”. This can happen only if employees are willing to go the extra mile. Such self driven employees show evidence of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour. This idiosyncratic behavior is becoming visible at the workplace. This is altogether a voluntary behavior and is not recognized by the formal reward system. An engaged employee will have a strong emotional bonding with the organization he is working for. This association offers some significant benefits to the organization. One such benefit could be Organizational Citizenship Behaviour. Literature also supports the fact that an employee’s personality has a major influence on his behavior in the Organization. Hence this study seeks to understand the interactive effect of employee engagement and personality on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour. Using Univariate analysis, the empirical study examines the interaction effect by analyzing data collected from 50 employees of India’s leading producer of watches. The findings of the study have been discussed at both theoretical and practical levels.

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