Volume : VI, Issue : IV, April - 2017

Abstract :

 Introduction:  The congenital malformation constitutes one of the major causes of perinatal mortality and morbidity. The incidence mentioned in various studies is 0.8 to 5%, approximately 1:150 live births

Objective: To find out incidence of fetal congenital anomalies by antenatal Ultrasonic evaluation

Methods: In the present study pregnant women were screened by routine obstetric ultrasound.

Results: In the present series 6125 pregnant women were scanned by obstetric ultrasound out of which 50 fetuses were found to have congenital malformations


Conclusion: Ultra sound is born to obstetrics, for its simple noninvasive procedure, easy acceptability to all. With the ultrasound imaging, it is now possible to make an intrauterine diagnosis of many fetal anomalies. Important things to an accurate antenatal diagnosis are careful scanning of the fetus and knowledge of the abnormalities that may be associated with a particular anomaly.

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