Volume : IV, Issue : VIII, August - 2015

Arthroscopy Assisted Ankle Arthrodesis– Prospective study of 16 cases

Dr Satish B. Sonar, Dr Rajendra Baitule

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Introduction: Ankle arthritis is a very painful condition and arthrodesis is an end stage palliative procedure as total ankle replacement is still, not that effective and popular. The purpose of this study was to perform a clinical and radiographic review of the long term efficacy of the procedure. Methods: Sixteen patients with isolated ankle arthritis were treated with Arthroscopy assisted ankle arthrodesis. There were 14 male and 2 female patients with age group ranging from 26 to 49 years. Right ankle was involved in 10 and left in 6 patients. They were followed up for 16–30 months with clinical examination, x–rays and American orthopedic foot and ankle score. Results: In 14 patients average time to union was 14 weeks. Two ankles (12.5%) of the 16 ankles failed to unite and underwent revision surgery with implant removal, deidement, and bone grafting and anterior plate fixation. Both ankles unite in 12 weeks. Thirteen (82%) of the 16 patients who returned for follow up had no signs or symptoms of pain and instability. The average postoperative score for ankle–hind foot on the AOFAS evaluation was 78 points, and rate of the patient satisfaction was 14 (88%) of the 16 patients. There was no correlation between outcomes and patients ages. Conclusions: Arthrodesis of the ankle can result in a painless, normal walking gait. When good surgical technique is used in carefully selected patients, ankle arthrodesis can be a reliable procedure for the relief of functionally disabling ankle arthritis, deformity, and pain

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Dr Satish B. Sonar, DR RAJENDRA BAITULE Arthroscopy Assisted Ankle Arthrodesis– Prospective study of 16 cases Paripex-Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 4, Issue : 8 August 2015

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