Volume : VI, Issue : IV, April - 2017

Abstract :

 ·        We conducted a study on 50 Av fistula patients ,to assess artificial AVF result in CKD Patients undergoing haemodialysis .Our objectives were ,to evaluate the patency of AVF upto period of 6 months,to assess the complications of AVF to clinically assess the arterialization of vein and to evaluate the need for alternate site for fistula.

We Included

       Patients undergoing A–V Fistula surgery under IPD and OPD basis in Bharati Hospital and Research Centre.


      Both sexes are included.


      Age above 70 years and less than 18years.


We Excluded

       Patients who did not give consent.


All patients undergoing AVF surgery prior to renal transplant

Keywords :

A–V fistula   CKD   Arterialization  

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