Volume : VII, Issue : II, February - 2018

Bilateral Achilles tendon xanthoma : A rare case report

Biswajit Mishra, Subhashis Patra

Abstract :


Background: Xanthomas are rare, non–neoplastic lesions which occur due to defect in the LDL receptors leading to their accumulation in tendons and synovium. The prevalence of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HFH) is approximately 1 in 500.

 Aim: To study a rare case of bilateral achilles tendon xanthoma and its functional outcome.

Case Presentation: We presented a case of xanthoma over posterior aspect of both lower third legs just above the heel in an 18–year–old female, and diagnosis was confirmed by clinical examination ultrasound, for which a tendon spå approach was planned. Postoperative treatment consisted of six weeks long leg cast immobilization. After 10 weeks the patient started walking without any difficulties.

 Conclusion: Subtotal resection (also called as tendon spå approach) is also a reliable option for   tendon xanthoma with a good functional outcome. There is no need for reconstruction of tendon in every case.

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Biswajit Mishra, Subhashis Patra, Bilateral Achilles tendon xanthoma : A rare case report, PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-2 | February-2018

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