Volume : IX, Issue : II, February - 2020

Critical thinking in the practice of educational intervention

Dr. Celia Carrera Hernandez, M. C. Perla Melendez Grijalva

Abstract :

University students must be critical, and for this, from the formal curriculum and its development, critical thinking must be favored, not only for the fulfillment of the purposes of education at the level, but for the influence of their graduates in the transformation Social. A qualitative investigation was carried out with the phenomenological method since it recovered experiences and perceptions of professors and students of Bachelor in Educational Intervention with the purpose of understanding from the perception of the actors the critical thinking skills that they need to develop to carry out the process of educative intervention. A focus group was held with teachers, 55 interviews and 55 mixed questionnaires for students in sixth and eighth semesters attending professional practices. The skills that still need to be developed to intervene are inductive reasoning and argumentation, important to develop diagnoses and identify areas of opportunity to transform them.

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CRITICAL THINKING IN THE PRACTICE OF EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION, Dr. Celia Carrera Hernandez, M.C. Perla Melendez Grijalva PARIPEX-INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-9 | Issue-2 | February-2020

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