Volume : VI, Issue : III, March - 2017

Culturally Responsive Higher Education in India: Issues and Challenges

Rajeev Yadav, Mrs. Susmita Mishra

Abstract :

 The globalized sense prevailing in Indian society and the advancement in information and communication technologies ing culturally, linguistically and regionally different people together at one platform to share their experiences, to fulfill their dreams and live as an ‘mega denizens’. The role of higher education in such scenario becomes vital as it is, in the truest sense, a means to prepare responsible citizens for a developed nation and change the ever increasing population of youth from the ‘demographic disaster’ into ‘demographic dividend’.  In the present scenario of globalized, techno–savvy and commercially driven sensibility the aim of higher education in the Indian society has become mere a medium to achieve productive education which can help only for scientific and technological growth, mechanic expertise, materialistic gains, data based knowledge, market generated outlook and greater stress on being educated leaving behind its core purpose of upliftment of human values, ethics and cultures as well as cultivation of the ‘artistic fervor’. The biased approach towards any particular culture, language and region has not been part of the Indian social structure and its educational system. The assimilation of various cultures in Indian society has always profited in the richness of Indian civilization and its educational system since its advent. However, the reshuffling of ‘power structures’ has destroyed the multicultural flavor of Indian society. In such ambiance the culturally responsive higher education is a clarion call for Indian society.  

The purpose of this study is triad fold. Firstly, this paper identifies the many facets and importance of a multicultural/ culturally responsive Higher Education in India. Secondly, the current study seeks to examine the current issues and educator’s beliefs and interpretation within culturally responsive/ multicultural educational practice, implementation and importance. Thirdly, specifically this study endeavors to review the challenges before the multicultural/ culturally responsive Higher Education in India and recommend some ways to revive it.  

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