Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016

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 The leadership is like two sided coin: the constructive side and the destructive side. Both are obvious in organizations, but only constructive seems to get all the attention. Hence the study is concentrated on the other side of leadership. Destructive leadership is defined as: ‘the systematic and repeated behavior by a leader, supervisor or manager that violates the legitimate interests of the organisation by undermining and / or sabotaging the organization’s goals, tasks, resources, and effectiveness and / or motivation, well–being or job satisfaction of subordinates’ Einarsen et al. (2007). An ineffectual leader has the potential to influence the course of an organization. The traits that they identify as causing follower distress are hostility and neuroticism. Such leaders are unwilling to communicate effectively with subordinates and are likely to limit subordinates’ ability to cope with day–to–day problems. The composite effect of leader behavior towards subordinate’s intention to quit organization has been studied in this paper. Sample of subordinates (n= 214) has been taken, data collection was done through structured questionnaire .The findings of this study is that the Destructive leadership has a moderate effect on subordinates intention towards leaving the organization. Also this paper highlights the progress and limitations of prior research, suggest directions for further research.

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