Volume : IV, Issue : II, February - 2015


Mrs. K. S. Uma, Dr. J. Shanmugan Andhavadivel

Abstract :

Technology–based self–service has greatly changed the way service firms and consumers interact, and are raising a host of research and practice issues related to the delivery of e–service which has become increasingly important not only in determining the success or failure of electronic commerce, but also in providing consumers with a superior experience with respect to the interactive flow of information. This article attempted to draw an introspective analysis to identify the bank customers’ level of perception on technology enabled banking services offered by public sector banks in Coimbatore city.A small sample of 60 banking customers were chose as respondents. Five public sector banks were chose as sample banks (State bank of India, Canara bank, Punjab national banks, Indian Bank and Indian Overseas bank) operating in Coimbatore city. The empirical result of the study reveals that 90.91 per cent of sample subjects have opined they operate their banking transaction mostly through internet banking,75.94 per cent of respondents utilize mobile banking services, 53.21 per cent use phone banking services, 48.66 per cent of respondents’ use ATM facility while 27.01 per cent of respondents use core banking facilities. Similarly, a majority of the bank customers’ believe that debit/credit card services offered by public sector banks are highly beneficial to them,followed by services like internet banking, e–cheque and mobile banking services are advantageous to them.

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Mrs.K.S.Uma, Dr. J. Shanmugan andhavadivel E-BANKING SERVICES UTILISATION PATTERN AMONG CUSTOMERS IN COIMBATORE CITY Paripex - Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 4, Issue : 2 February 2015

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