Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016

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 A total of fifteen male rabbits of mixed eeds, aged between 4–5 months and weighed 1.5–1.7Kg were used in this experiment to determine the effect of oral administration of alcoholic extract of Tribulus terrestris (Tt) on male fertility parameters. The rabbits were randomly allocated into 3 groups, the 1st and 2nd experimental groups were treatment orally with alcoholic extract of Tt in a dose of 75mg/kg/day or 150mg/kg/day respectively, the 3rd groups considered as a control groups and administrated distal water daily. Feed and water were served ad libitum throughout the period of 40 experimental days. At the end of the experiment, the male rabbit’s weight and blood samples were taken by heart puncture. Sera were separated, kept at –20°C until using to determine the testosterone value of bucks, then slaughtering male rabbits and the pairs of testes were carefully dissected and transported into normal saline. The weight of testis and epididymis were measured, and the caudal spermatozoa were evaluated. Result showed a significant (P< 0.05) effect of alcoholic extract at a dose of 75mg/kg/day and 150mg/kg/day on body weight, testicular weight, level of testosterone and sperm characteristics when compared with control group. This result showed that administration alcoholic extract (75mg/kg/day, 150mg/kg/day) increased fertility parameters in male rabbits, the dose of 150mg/kg/day gave best effect on fertility parameter in male rabbits.

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