Volume : IV, Issue : X, October - 2015

Effectiveness of STP on knowledge regarding weaning among primi–para mothers

Nirmal Raj E. V.

Abstract :

Background: Weaning is the term which will be familiar for every mother. Proper knowledge and training is required to perform effective weaning. Many studies have conducted on Weaning in India and aoad reveal that most of the mothers, especially primipara mothers had not have adequate knowledge regarding effective weaning, weaning foods, feeding practices, as they are following traditional feeding practices. Effective weaning in the child requires proper knowledge and good technique skills in the mothers. The investigator found that a Structured Teaching Programme can improve the knowledge level of the primi para mothers regarding Weaning. Aims and objectives: The study aimed at assessing the knowledge of primi– para mothers regarding weaning, to develop and administer the structured teaching programme, evaluate its effectiveness on knowledge of primi para mothers and to find an association between pre and posttest knowledge scores with their socio–demographic variables. Material and Methods: A one group pre–test post–test pre–experimental approach was adopted. The study was conducted among 60 primi–para mothers conveniently selected from a community area in Bangalore. The content validity of the tool and teaching plan was established. The reliability of tool was established by testing the internal consistency by using Split Half method. Results: The findings of the study with regard to the pre test knowledge assessment, revealed that the mean of the primi para mothers knowledge was 58. In post test, very significant increase in knowledge was found as the mean percentage of knowledge score was improved from 58%in pre test to 80.93% .in the post test. Conclusion: This study concluded that structure teaching program is an effective tool to improve the knowledge of PrimiPara mothers regarding weaning.

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