Volume : VII, Issue : V, May - 2018

Epidemiological study of paediatric head injury in a peripheral tertiary trauma care centre

Dr. Mathiyash Arthur, Dr. Hariharasudan R

Abstract :


To conduct a survey on paediatric Head injury in a peripheral tertiary health centre and to analyze the various epidemiological
factors like incidence, age, sex, mechanism/type of injury, associate injuries, presentation, CT findings, management, period of
stay, Outcome (Condition at discharge).
Retrospective study
Inclusion criteria:
All chidren (0–12 years) admitted from March 1, 2017 – Feuary 28, 2018. (one year)
Exclusion criteria:
Paediatric head injury cases treated outside for more than 24hrs
Total no of 108 patients have been admitted and treated; the entire above mentioned parameters were analyzed & studied.
Ÿ There was a striking male preponderance (71%)
Ÿ Most common presenting symptoms – vomiting followed by post traumatic Loss of consciousness
Ÿ mean duration of hospital stay – 4.8 days (with 84% staying less than 1 week).
Ÿ Most common mode of injury – RTA followed by Domestic injuries.
Ÿ Most common indication for surgical intervention– Depressed fracture followed by EDH
Ÿ Good outcome in mild head injury cases and early presentation
Through the retrospective analysis made at Thanjavur medical college hospital trauma unit, we found that there is an alarming
increase in pediatric head injuries in rural areas with cases of assault and battered baby on the rise. We emphasize the importance
of pre hospital care, early referral and need to improve safety measures, road infrastructure,etc., and the need to sensitize the
people regarding the same.

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