Volume : IV, Issue : IV, April - 2015

Abstract :

 Objective(s): The study objectives are to assess first–aid home for the treatment of thermal burns for adults by family 

member and to find out the relationship between first–aid home for the treatment of thermal burns and the demographic 
characteristics include ( age, level of education, occupational status of the parents, and family’s income).
Methodology: A descriptive analytical study was conducted on family member who applied home first aid for the treatment 
of thermal burns for adults. The study was conducted at burn treatment centers in (Medical City/ Baghdad Teaching 
Hospital; Al–Karama Teaching Hospital, Al–Kindi Teaching Hospital, and Al– Yarmouk Teaching Hospital). Starting from 
4th Jun. 2015 up to the 28th Feb. 2015. To achieve the objectives of the study, a non–probability (purposive) sample of 
(100) family members of different kinship who reviewed burn treatment centers with their adult son for the treatment 
of thermal burns. Data were collected by interview with family member who treats their adults who suffer from thermal 
burns. Instrument validity was determined through content validity, by a panel of experts. Reliability of the instrument was 
determined through the use of Pearson correlation coefficient for the test–retest approach, which was (0.88). Analysis 
of data was performed through the application of descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, and mean of score) and 
inferential statistics (correlation coefficient and One–way analysis of variance). 
Results: The results of the study indicated the level mean of scores related to first–aid procedures relating to situations of 
thermal burns when applied by family member was moderate level on half items and high level on half other from items. 
Conclusion: The study concluded most of family member don’t have prior knowledge of the procedures used for ambulance 
cases of thermal burns.
Recommendations: The study recommend the need to setting up educational sessions for families especially the parents 
about how to first aid thermal burns and guide booklets or information sheet should be printed and distributed to parents 
and other family member about thermal burns and first aid it , these booklets or information sheet should be written in a 
simple style and handed out freely.

Keywords :

thermal burns      boiling   steam  

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