Volume : IV, Issue : VII, July - 2015

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 Objective–To study the incidence of HELLP in pre–eclampsia and eclampsia and maternal and perinatal outcome including morbidity and mortality. Material and methods – A prospective study was conducted where 136 cases of HELLP syndrome diagnosed on the basis of abnormal laboratory findings in preeclampsia and eclampsia women after gestational age of 24 weeks. Result– The incidence of HELLP syndrome in total live births from July 2013 to June 2014 constitutes 0.73% and 4.28% in pre–eclampsia, and 33.54% in eclampsia. The present study shows maternal mortality of 2.2% but still perinatal mortality is 44.5%. Conclusion–Once the diagnosis of HELLP syndrome has been made it warrants aggressive intervention with control of blood pressure, anti–seizure prophylaxis, corticosteroid treatment for fetal lung maturity and expeditious delivery. HELLP syndrome among pre–eclampsia and eclampsia cases are associated with significant maternal morbidity and perinatal mortality and morbidity.We have to intensify our efforts to reduce pre–eclampsia with HELLP syndrome from the grass root level with regular antenatal care, early detection of pre–eclampsia and its prompt management.

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