Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016

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 This study was done to know the knowledge, attitude, and practices of onchial asthma patients. Materials and Method: A questionnaire including general understanding and awareness of asthma, its triggers were framed and data were collected and results were recorded. Results: 52 patients were included, out of 52 patients, 65% patients were ignorant about the disease, only 35% patients knew that they have asthma and all of them came to know of the diagnosis by a physician. One third of people were under the false belief that asthma is not curable and fatal (34.6%). Regarding precipitating factors, nearly 31 patients (59.6%) who were aware of their triggers and used to avoid them. Nearly two third of patients (63.5% have previous history or presenting complaints of recurrent allergic rhinitis episodes. Conclusion: Patient education program should promote awareness and eliminate false belief in the community regarding asthma. Knowledge about the prevailing perception among asthma patients would be the first step in achieving this goal.

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