Volume : VII, Issue : VI, June - 2018


Dr. Soniya Saini, Dr. Shyam Lal, Dr. Suman Mittal

Abstract :

 Objectives– To determine perinatal morbidity rates by maternal age.

Study Design– This was Prospective Study in Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Zenana Hospital, SMS Medical College,
Jaipur from March 2015 to Feuary 2016.. maternal age was categorized in to 3 groups 19–23years,24–28yrs,29+ yrs . Rates of
perinatal outcome by maternal age were compared . Sample size was calculated to 600 subjects .
Results– In our study ,New born baby with low birth weight were observed more in 19–23(5.67%) and 29+ (6%%)yrs of age
group. New born baby with low APGAR at 5 minute <7/10 were observed more in 19–23(4.67%) and 29+ (5.5%)yrs of age
group. NICU admissions of new born babies were more in 29+ yr age group (5.34%).
Conclusion– This study demonstrates that maternal age remains a predictor of perinatal morbidities. Further studies are needed
in this regard in order to establish a perfect correlation between prenatal morbidities and maternal age.

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Dr.Soniya Saini, Dr.Shyam Lal, Dr.Suman Mittal, MATERNAL AGE AND PERINATAL OUTCOMES, PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-6 | June-2018

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