Volume : VI, Issue : IX, September - 2017

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 The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was passed by Indian parliament in 2005 and the Scheme (each state was expected to design its own scheme based in the National Guidelines) designed under the Act was implemented in 200 districts on India in Feuary 2006. The coverage of the Act was expanded gradually and since 2008–09 MGNREGA covers the entire rural India. As is well known, MGNREGA provides a legal guarantee of 100 days of wage employment at the minimum wage rate (prevailing in the concerned state) to every rural household living in rural India. The main objectives of MGNREGA are (1) to guarantee 100 days of work at the legal minimum wages to each household that demands work in rural India, (2) to generate productive assets in the economy and thereby enhance livelihoods of people and (3) to empower (Gram) Panchayats and Gram Sabha by ensuring their participation in the planning and implementation of MGNREGA, and thereby strength decentralized democracy.

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