Volume : IV, Issue : II, February - 2015


Aditi Das, Dilip C Nath,

Abstract :

Morbidity due to east problem is a burning health issue which demands intensive study and concern. In our study, we have attempted to analyze the morbidities due to east problems among the married slum dweller women in the age group 15 to 59 years living in the slums of Guwahati city, using logistic regression. This group of women were questioned regarding their problems related to the east, if there existed any, and these morbid conditions were studied and analyzed under various socio– demographic factors like their educational qualification, age groups and also their ages at the time of the first deliveries and the number of children ever born, so as to study their effect on the prevailing morbidity due to east problems. The study reveals that morbidity due to east problem is very much associated with age of the respondents, their educational level and age at first birth and the no. of children ever born. The various types of east problems studied here reveals that the younger women are less likely to suffer from east problems. It is noteworthy to mention that the literate women were more prone to problems of the east. Apart from this, we have also seen that women whose first delivery occurred after 18 years of age are less affected by east problems as compared to those who gave birth before attaining the age of 18 years. At the same time, we may also infer that females with repeated child birth are also prone to east problems.

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Aditi Das, Dilip C Nath, MORBIDITY DUE TO BREAST PROBLEM: A STUDY IN THE SLUMS OF GUWAHATI CITY Paripex - Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 4, Issue : 2 February 2015

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