Volume : IV, Issue : II, February - 2015


Mehultandel, Daxakanjiya

Abstract :

Introduction: Sellaturcica is situated on the intracranial surface of the body of the sphenoid bone. 80% of the sella is occupied by the pituitary gland. Any abnormality or pathology in the gland could manifest from an altered size, shape and functions of the sellaturcica.Around 13% of ain tumour are found in the sellaturcica. Precise knowledge of dimensions of sellaturcica is required for effective and safe treatment of various pituitary disorders and in the procedure of pituitary ablation with radioactive implants.Aim: The purpose of this study is to measure the size and shape of the sellaturcica and thus establish normative reference standards that could assist in evaluation and detection of pathological conditions. Materials and Methods: 263 skulls and 37 individual dried sphenoid bones (total 300 bones) were examined from the collection of the Anatomy Departments of various Medical Colleges of Gujarat. Length, depth, width and volume of sellaturcica were measured with digital vernier caliper. Data were collected and statistically analyzed.Results:The mean length of sellaturcica was 10.72mm and maximum length was 14.98 mm and minimum was 6.46 mm. The mean width of sellaturcica was 12.45mm and maximum width was 16.89 mm and minimum was 8.01 mm. The mean depth of sellaturcica was 6.61 mm and maximum depth was 11.98 mm and minimum was 2.16mm. The mean volume of sellaturcica was 442mm3 and maximum volume was 990 mm3 and minimum was 122 mm3. The mean area of sella turcica was 70mm2and maximum area was 133 mm2 and minimum was 4mm2.Conclusions:Inthe present studytheknowledge provided byvariousmeasurementsofthesizeofsellaturcicahelpstheneurosurgeon todecidewhichapproachis to be chosen in surgeryof pituitarytumours.

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