Volume : IV, Issue : VIII, August - 2015

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 Background: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is characterized by progressive reduction of renal function. With increase in the prevalence of diabetes and hypertension and the wider availability of therapy such as dialysis and kidney transplantation, has increased the prevalence of patients with CKD. Because of loss protein in urine and other metabolic disarrangement, malnutrition is common among CKD patients. Material and Methods: we conducted a cross sectional study at the renal unit of department of medicine at a tertiary care hospital. We used various anthropometric methods to assess the nutritional status of patient admitted with chronic kidney disease but not requiring dialysis.Results:A total of47 patients fulfilling our inclusion criteria were admitted to the ward and of them 35 were enrolled in the present study. Of the total 35 patients 18 were female patients. The proportion of patients with different co–morbid conditions was Diabetes (31.4%) , Hypertension(68.6 %), anemia(97.1%), and albuminuria (20.0%) and 22.9 % of patient had both diabetic and hypertension. Overall 6 (17.1%) patient didn’t had any degree of malnutrition, 22(62.9 %) participants had mild to moderate degree of malnutrition and 7(20.0 %) had severe malnutrition. Conclusion: Considerable proportions of patient with chronic kidney disease were malnourished.

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