Volume : IV, Issue : IV, April - 2015

Abstract :

 Gastrointestinal Plasmablasticlymphoma(GI – PBL) is common in immunocompromised patients and has grave prognosis. 

We are reporting two cases of GI–PBL with low Serum Ascites Albumin gradient(SAAG) ascites in immunocompetent 
individuals. The diagnosis in the first case is made on endoscopic biopsy from deep duodenal nodule and in second case 
by colonoscopic biopsy of nodular growth in transverse colon followed by immunohistochemistry (IHC). In the presence of 
pleocytic, low protein low SAAG ascites emphasizes the need for deeper endoscopic intubation into jejunum or terminal 
ileum when routine endoscopy or colonoscopy is normal for clinching the diagnosis.

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