Volume : VII, Issue : V, May - 2018

Polycystic ovarian syndrome : Understanding the Endocrinological Paradigm.

Dhiraj Kishore, Amita Diwakar

Abstract :

Endocrine and metabolic dysfunctionalpathways of androgen synthesis have all been demonstrated to play a role in the pathophysiology of PCOS. So we did comparative study ofendocrinological pattern between PCOS infertile case and non PCOS infertile control. Approximately 50% of all women with PCOS are obese but irrespective  of the presence of obesity, these women are frequently insulin resistant. Many hormonal pattern are altered in this metabolic condition responsible for primary infertility and is corroborated with hyper androgenic state as we found in our study. Identification of this clinical state could lead to better clinical outcome regarding infertility and prevention of long term Metabolic and cardiovascular complication.

Conclusion: Polycystic Ovarian syndrome should beinterpreted as metabolic syndrome showing the tip of iceberg in context to immediate gynecological and long term metabolic complication.

Keywords :

PCOS   Infertility   LH/FSH   Testosterone.  

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Dhiraj Kishore, Amita Diwakar, Polycystic ovarian syndrome : Understanding the Endocrinological Paradigm., PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-5 | May-2018

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