Volume : VI, Issue : III, March - 2017

Pregnancy Outcome in Elderly Gravida

Paliwal V, Desai R, Jodha Bs

Abstract :


Elderly pregnancy leads to many complications during pregnancy, labour and also for the baby. Delayed pregnancy can also have ectopic pregnancy and also cause complication during pregnancy and health risks in the child. Older the women, higher the risk and abnormalities in the child leading to Down’s syndrome, premature baby, low birth weight baby.

Aims and objectives

To determine pregnancy outcome between women aged 40 years & above.

Material and Methods

Total 100 pregnant women of age 40 or above having gestational age in between 28–42 weeks attending labour ward & in patient department of obstetrics & gynaecology Ummaid hospital, attached Hospital of S. N. Medical College, Jodhpur were enrolled in study.


In about 100 cases studied, 66 needed inductions of labour, 62 delivered by Caesarean section, 58 had low birth weight babies while 40 babies were admitted in ICU. The most common medical complication associated in elderly gravida is Diabetes followed by Anaemia, Essential or chronic hypertension, hypothyroidism etc. along with various fetal complication.


Maternal complications were more during pregnancy in advanced maternal age requiring increased need for induction of labour & caesarean section. There was increase in perinatal mortality and morbidity in advance maternal age. 

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