Volume : IV, Issue : VIII, August - 2015

Protocol for postnatal management of antenatal hydronephrosis diagnosed children

St Rcea M. , Russu R. , Munteanu M.

Abstract :

 The aim of management antenatal hydronephrosis (HAN) is to identify which are the cases who need early postnatal treat because their renal function is endangered. OBJECTIVE: analyzing the postnatal development of children with HAN, to adjust international protocols of the our population. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We conducted a retrospective study on 140 cases with antenatal hydronephrosis hospitalized in our clinic between 2010 – 2014. RESULTS: The rapport ws 2:1 for boys. 50% presented at least one episode of urinary infection. All children received ultrasound, 75% were evaluated by voiding cystography. Pielo–ureteric junction obstruction was diagnosed in 40% cases, vesico–ureteral reflux in 30% cases. Renal dynamic scintigraphy was performed at 25% patients. 25% required surgical intervention. Antibiotic prophylaxis was recommended to 50% patients. CONCLUSION: HAN postnatal evaluation should follow a clear protocol in order to early detection of clinically significant malformations and adoption of therapeutic attitudes before the onset of complications.

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Strcea M., Russu R., Munteanu M. Protocol For Postnatal Management of Antenatal Hydronephrosis Diagnosed Children Paripex-Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 4, Issue : 8 August 2015

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