Volume : VI, Issue : V, May - 2017

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 Stroke is defined by its aupt onset of a neurologic deficit that is attributable to a focal vascular lesion1. Hypertension, tobacco use, alcohol intake, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity are common risk factors for stroke2. Stroke patients may be left with disability which affects their quality of life. This study aims to profile the morbidity of stroke patients admitted in a tertiary hospital, the prevailing risk factors and their quality of life. METHODOLOGY: A hospital based cross sectional study was conducted among 40 stroke using Stroke Specific Quality Of Life Scale (SS–QOL).RESULT: Of the 40 patients, 20% are females and 80% are males. Family role is severely affected among male patients (mean 1.2) and social roles are the most affected among females (mean 1.3). In motor functions, Upper extremity functions is severely affected (mean 1.2).Under higher functions, language is severely affected (mean score 3.5). CONCLUSION: Males are more affected. Hypertension, personality, smoking and alcohol are the common risk factors. The quality of life is severely affected.

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