Volume : IV, Issue : VII, July - 2015


Dr. Birla Nandini, Dr. Jain Deepali, Dr. Bhati Balgopal, Dr. Ara Shaheen, Dr. Dhotre Jyothi

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 OBJECTIVE To study the correlation of umbilical cord length with fetal parameters like Apgar score,sex,weight,and length,and its effect on labor outcome. DESIGN Prospective study of 500 cases. SETTING Rajkiya Mahila Chikitsalaya, J.L.N. Medical College, Ajmer MATERIAL AND METHOD Examination of umbilical cord was done for any loop around neck,trunk,etc;no. of loops of cord and position; Knots of cord (True and False),any cord abnormalities.Fetal parameters recorded were sex,weight,and length of the newborn at 1 and 5 min. RESULTS In our study cord length varied from 24 to 124 cm.The mean cord length was 61.7cm.Maximum cases seen were in the group of cord length between 61and 70 cm .Lower 5th percentile was considered as short cord and upper 5th percentile was considered as long cord. Short cord group was associated with significant higher (p<0.05) incidence of LSCS cases .Cord length did not vary according to the weight,length and sex of the baby. The incidence of all types of cord complications increases as the cord length increases (p<0.001). Nuchal cords had higher mean cord length than in cases without nuchal cords(p<0.001). As the number of loops in a nuchal cord increases to more than two loops,the operative interference increases .The significance was tested by using a Chi–Square test, and it was found to be statistically significant(p<0.05) .Nuchal cords were seen to be associated with more cases of fetal heart abnormalities (p<0.001). There is higher incidence of variability in fetal heart rate with extremes of cord length(p<0.001). Conclusion The present study showed that the length of umbilical cord is variable;however,maximum number of cases had normal cord length .Cases which had short and long cords consistuted abnormal umbilical cord length. These cases had higher incidence of cord complications,increased incidence of operative interference , intrapartum complications ,increased fetal heart rate abnormalities, and morechances of birth asphyxia .But umbilical cord length did not vary according to the weight,length and sex of the baby.

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Dr. Birla Nandini, Dr. Jain Deepali, Dr. Bhati BalGopal, Dr.Ara Shaheen, Dr. Dhotre Jyothi Relationship Between Umbilical Cord Length and Maternal and Fetal Outcome Paripex-Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 4, Issue : 7 July 2015

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